Patch 4.6.1p3 de Unity


El 8 de Enero sacaron un nuevo “patch” para la versión 4.6 de Unity, aquí presento las mejoras y los bugs que han solucionado. Como siempre bajaros el software si tenéis problema con alguno de los bugs mencionados posteriormente, si Unity os funciona correctamente lo recomendable es que no instaléis nada.

La URL desde la cual podéis realizar la descarga es:


  • Audio: Added WWW.GetAudioClipCompressed. Allows AudioClips obtained via WWW class to be loaded into memory compressed, similar to “Compressed in Memory” import option.
  • iOS: Add basic launch screen support
  • iOS: Expose set pause as ObjC API


  • (none) – Android: Android TV – do not strictly require accelerometer and microphone.
  • (653025) – Android: Fixed deadlock when calling UnityPlayer.pause() too early.
  • (none) – Android: Fixed lights-out mode on Lollipop.
  • (653025) – Android: Fixed possible lost wakeup in UnityPlayer when rapidly calling pause/resume.
  • (609026) – Android: Fixed theme attribute in default manifest to hide title bar during startup.
  • (none) – Android: Increase maximum memory available to Java when building for Android.
  • (657491) – Android: Removed 1k texture limit for Tegra 2.
  • (627161) – Animation: Don’t expose multiple entries for a source clip in AnimatorOverrideController.
  • (none) – Animation: Optimize… and DeoptimizeTransformHierarchy are available in runtime as well as editor.
  • (none) – Editor: Added support for XRGB DDS.
  • (643268) – iOS: Do not rotate splash view on non 6+ iPhones.
  • (654867) – iOS: Fixed crash when text field contents are modified via script and undo is used.
  • (none) – iOS: Fixed splash screen check on Xcode 5 when iPhone 6 splashes are present.
  • (none) – iOS: Fixed Xcode 6.2 support.
  • (none) – iOS: Increased stack allocator’s size on iOS.
  • (none) – iOS: On iOS set no backup flag on __info cache file.
  • (none) – Scripting: Fixed issue with Console.InputEncoding and Console.OutputEncoding throwing an exception the first they were set on the .NET 2.0 Subset profile.
  • (651239) – Standalone: Screen.dpi implemented for OSX and Windows standalone platforms.


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